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Company overview:
Von Vanaj was started in 2008 by the president and creative director Joseph (ejiro) Agbroko with the aim of specializing in the creation of artistic, available and affordable clothing?s and fashion accessories for people of all class. The main objective of Von Vanaj is to make creative clothing?s and fashion accessories available and affordable by all classes of people. At Von Vanaj we believe there is a piece from us for everyone no matter the status of that person. 

Von Vanaj prides itself in making creative clothings and fashion accessories for people of all classes, making our brand assessable and affordable for all. Von Vanaj has showcased some of its collections at four fashion shows across Nigeria. In 2010 Von Vanaj won the designer of the year award at the plateau fashion week 2010 and that earned us a spot at the la beau African fashion splash organized by la beau Africana (a French company).

We have a distinctive business competence and our chief factors that would account for our future success are the yearly unveil fashion shows that we would be organizing to unveil our yearly collections. These shows would be assessable to all and affordable, thereby increasing the attendance and interest in our brand. These shows will also create awareness for our brand in the fashion market and to fashion buyers.